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New Project - Reader's Must Read

So, I'm just releasing the first version of a new project of mine, and I'll share some information about it with you.

Reader's Must Read

The idea of this system is a very simple one: Help you choose what is the next book you should buy, and control your "Must Read" book list. That's the reason of the name being that. Also, the system is free =)

Where this came from?

My Girl Friend, that is bookworm, was having some troubles trying to control her books expenses, and trying to choose which book bye nex. Since it was next to her birthday, she asked me this system as a birthday present. And then, I started doing it to her, but also made it in a way that others would be able to use as well.


Where is it?

For now it's hosted in heroku apps, in the link:

Can I help?

Yes, please, fell free to help out. Since the project is open source, you can fork it in the github:

So, is it a good present? What do you think? That's all.