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Python Brasil - Why You Should Go

Todos na praia

Last week Annanda Sousa and I went to Python Brasil 10, in Porto de Galinhas - Pernambuco, and I couldn't imagine how great the conference would be.

Awesome Talks

There where great talks too, like the "Guia do Freelancer das Galaxias" (The Freelancer Guide To The Galaxy) from Henrique Bastos, "From NASA to Startups to Commerce: Building Scalable, Maintainable Projects" from Daniel Greenfeld, and the Brazilian PyLadies talk.

All of them where great. Not only to know more about Python, but also improve our own concepts of how we live.

Great People

Annanda, Eu, Audrey e Daniel
It turns out that the conversations during the coffee-break were even better then the talks. I could meet personally many people from the Python Community. And this is the kind of thing that no matter what technology you use, you simply can't compare a face-to-face conversation with some online chat.

Another great thing was meeting some remarkable people that I could never imagine that some day I would, like the two authors of Two Scoops of Django (Audrey Roy and Daniel Greenfeld), Eric Hideki, Alex Gaynor, Lynn Root, Fernando Masanori and many, many others.

Also was great to hear from the ones that are starting now, but are also committed to making more and giving more to in the Python community, like Mário Idival.

This is the time that you realize that all of them, are like you, just normal people, and that you can learn from them, but also show them what you know.

I even discovered that there are people that read my blog! How great is that, right? You see that what you do is somehow helping someone.

Of course in end of the day, before you go to sleep you're like: "Holy s***t! I just talked to Alex, Pydanny and Audrey!".

The Location

Eu na praia de Porto de Galinhas
Annanda na praia de Porto de Galinhas
"I wish I could stay more time here". That's the phrase that I heard most in the event, probably followed by "I don't know if I'll go to the Sprints or if I'll enjoy more of the place".

And, yes, it was a very hard choice, because in Porto de Galinhas there are lots of beautiful beaches and places to visit. I have to admit that I choose to do a boat trip, visiting lot of places instead of the Sprint, but I can tell you this: It was worth it.
Each day we always would think: "Oh my... The beach is right here next to the place the conference is been held, maybe I'll just go there and miss one talk".

Don't Miss it Anymore

Python Brasil 11 will be next year in the city of São José dos Campos, in São Paulo.

So if you like Python, enjoying a good time and meeting people with the same interest, then you should come to the next Python Brasil.

That's it, hope I'll see you next Python Brasil o/