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Blizzard why won't you just DIE...Slowly and painfully!

For many years I've been a great Blizzard fan, would away think like:
"Oh, my! Can't wait for the next title of this game!" or "When I get to play this game I'll play it so much that my eyes shall bleed and ask for mercy!"
Well... That's kind of changing...

The Marvelous Dream

I had a dream once, a dream that the world could be a great place for players and game makers... That one would do a game to be well played instead of a game to be bought. And blizzard somehow seemed like this wonder land, a company that was more then a company, like The Fantastic Fabric of Games.

But things didn't went like that. As the years passed and they've got more money, they seemed to have forgotten their heart somewhere down that road to success.

"Ok. Where are you trying to get to?"

So away with the dreams and that stuff... Here is the problem:
When I played WarCraft III and other titles, I played it in Lan Houses and Cyber Coffees, killing time or sneaking out of school with my friends. It was more than just sit and play the game you know?
We were fraternizing.

The years passed, but we still did it, some days we would reunite (like 10-15 friends) and close a Lan House just to play for 10 hours in a roll(from 10 PM to 10 AM).
Ok, many people will think :"What a bunch of idiots, stupid nerds". But what can I say? Yes, we are nerds, and gamers, and we are friends, so what's the big deal?

"Still you didn't said what was the problem..."

So... the problem. The problem is that blizzard once had: Diablo I, Diablo II, War Craft III(and Dota with it) and f*cking Star Craft.
And now what we got? Diablo III, StarCraft II and other games all been Online game only.
And that is just f*cked up...
Well if we look at their profits you'll can say that they're far from been f*cked, since this gives them loads of money...Tons of it.
But when I say f*cked up, I mean the spirit of game crafting.

By doing this, they force you to play by their rules, making you their little puppets. They give you the best games ever(this they didn't change at least), but don't give you the freedom to play as you could.

"But wouldn't they break if they did it in another way?"

Maybe I'm been a little ignorant in this therms, but as for what I've seen, they would not.
They would loose a lot a profit, that's true, but would be far from breaking the company.

"Maybe they do this because of some technical issue?"

Nope, not this either, if you talk about games like WOW, that really need a centralized server, then they get a real reason for doing it. But for games like Diablo, or StarCraft, there was no reason for stopping the lan games support.
You might think: "Wait! StartCraft has the ledder now, how whould they put the lan games in the ledder? The same as Diablo III"
The answer is simple: "Don't put it in the ledder".
Just like the single players game, it could easily be implemented without the battlenet servers.


So with this I conclude that the main reason that blizzard is doing what they are doing is so that they can put a limitation in playability, and by doing so, we depend on them.
And no, it's not good to depend on them, even if for now they're doing a good work with battlenet server.

Why? Because if for some reason they go bankrupt, or sell the company, or if by any reason the battlenet server becomes lagged or down, every single blizzard game will be Single Player Only!

And you know what is the most awful thing? They have the capacity to make games with LAN support, to make them better games, but for the love of their money they don't do it.

Just think about it.