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Whoa! Google Scripts

I just found out this new Google Script thing, and after some testing I decided that would do a review for it.

How I Found This

For a long time I've been looking for a way to get all my old emails and chats with my GF(since the email she used then was another and lost to her). I could go one by one in my Gmail, and forward it to her new one, but this would be unthinkable (since there were a LOT of emails).

And finally I found this Google Script, and after one day playing with it, all those emails where already forwarded to her new gmail... Yes, it was very easy.

What is this GoogleScript

Basically it's a JavaScript that offers you access to many GoogleApps services, and let you use then(with some limitations) to create something new, or simply automate a job.

Creating a New Google Script

To create a new google script you can go to:
Or go to Google Drive(or Google Docs if you haven't migrated yet) and create a new "Script".

After this you can create a Empty Project and already start working on it!


There are lots... I mean, lots...
In this page you can find everything you need to get started:

And also if you have any doubts you can check the StackOverflow Tag: google-apps-script that is the official support center for this.

What can be done?

Well, many things, as you can see, it can be made to create some simple scripts for you and/or your company to automate things for you.
Like, creating a Google Docs, at the beginning at a meeting(in Google Calendar), with some content like the header of the document, and other things right from the Calendar.
So if you have a meeting now, and the Event in the Calendar is called "Superb Meeting", it could create a doc, share it for everyone in the company, and put the content:
"This is the report of what was discussed in the: "Superb Meeting", at "Time of the meeting"

You can also use it to create some more complex applications, or even games, and put them in the Web Store.


I believe that everyone that uses the Google Apps in a intense way should take a look at this, and you'll see that with just a bit of effort you can make some improvement in the use of these technologies.

And yes, it's very easy to use, they have it very well documented (Even myself, a monkey in JS, managed to use it).

That's for now.