Uncertainty, Sustainability, and Big Data Streams

In the end of last year I got to present my paper at the IEEE BigData 2023. This work was a continuation on my uncertainty and sustainability research for big data streams (mostly focused on Video streams). I believe that more and more people are aware of the effects of many real-world uncertainties and the necessity of providing sustainable (less energy) solutions for this kind of big data applications. One could even say that… people are more certain on the effect of these uncertainties *pun intended* .

Fuzzy Publications as Main Author on my PhD

Today was finally published my first papers (as the main author) during my PhD =D. These are two papers on the same conference on fuzzy logic (FUZZ-IEEE 2023). The first one is: A Comparative Study of Open-Source Fuzzy Modelling Toolkit Licenses and Features. The second one is: Fuzzy vs. Crisp in Uncertainty-Aware Service Selection: Enabling Sustainability on Multimedia Event Processing. I’m posting it here the accepted versions just to keep them safe.

My First Master Research Publication

Finally, I got my first (short)paper accepted for publication during my Master research. I’m posting it here a pre-print version just to keep it safe. The final version is yet to be published(was already published, see edit note) at the EdgeWays 2020 workshop, in European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing. Springer, Cham, 2020 (or something like that, not sure exactly until it is published). Edited: Yay! The paper is now published!