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CloudFuzzy - The Online Fuzzy Toolbox Solution

Hi there. I decided to make a post about this project that I've recently released a beta version. Basically this project started inside this other project that I was doing in my work: Gesplan.


What's this about?

The main feature of CloudFuzzy is to help you create a new fuzzy inference system and to help you test online and friendly interface. [gallery]

What technologies are behind it?

The project was made using Play 2.0.2, a Java and Scala web framework in the web part, and for the fuzzy engine was used the core of XFuzzy 3.0 library.

Where is it going?

The idea is to make CloudFuzzy a web-service using a RESTfull API.

But I'm also trying to rewrite the hole system in Python, using Django as the web framework and pyfuzzy for the fuzzy engine.

Wait, what?! Rewrite it in Python?

Yeap, that's right, and here is the reason why: Even though Play is very simple and powerful it's still more focused on Scala, so the docs for Play using Java aren't as good as the Scala docs.

And come on, I'm not going to struggle with some framework when I can use one that I'm more interested in (like Django), so there's already a branch for it in the Github repository.

I'd like to contribute, what do I do?

Just fork the repository here, and if you prefer the Django framework, just as I do, then use this branch.

That's all for now.