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Review - Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.6

Two Scoops Of Django 1.6

I decided to make this review because this book helped me a lot, and is a must-have for anyone interested in delving into Django.

Really good tips

This book has some pretty neat tips that even good developers are not aware of. For example, I got excited to use the relative imports in python 2.7 after I read about that in it.

Some other examples are:

  • the project layout they propose is very good (although I use it with some changes, but that's just my preferences)
  • all the REST API related stuff
  • best practices for Class Based Views(CBVs)
  • some third-party project that are very useful


Covers Many Topics

Two Scoops Of Django 1.6 - Back This book covers many topics of a Django project, and in all of them you'll probably learn (or remember) something that you forgot, that may help you in a project of yours.

So if you have already done the first Django tutorial, and want to know the best of everything in Django, then this is the book for you.

Easy to Read

Another good point (a very important one in fact), is that this book was written in a way that makes it easy to keep on reading. The authors often make some jokes, and reduce the problems or examples into some very simple yet meaningful images and diagrams (often related to an Ice Cream Store context). Another good point in this, is that you can read the book as you please, in any order, because the chapters are independent from each other.

Tasty Ice Cream Metaphors

Two Scoops Of Django 1.6 - Inside

After finishing this book, what will you do?

  • Put in practice the new stuff you learned
  • Go eat some ice cream
  • Both of the answers

Not only the metaphors are funny and useful, as they are tasty too. So remember to have some ice cream next to you whenever you're reading.

Also you can mark all this phrases and whenever you're felling sad because of some difficulty in your project, you just have to read them to boost your mood.

Humbly Written

Yet another good point of this book. The authors (Daniel and Audrey) didn't write the book as if they where the Keepers of The Truth. So whenever they can, they give you plenty of different approaches to a given subject and only point out what they think it's best for them. And of course, they provide may links for further reading, that also show that they have a solid base for what is written, that they didn't came out with it from out of nowhere.

That's all folks! Good reading and plenty of ice creams for you.

All photos where taken by the incredible and lovely Annanda Sousa.